FirePRO® brand fire retardant treated wood (FRTW) is lumber and plywood pressure impregnated with FirePRO Interior Type A High Temperature (HT) fire retardant chemicals. FirePRO® brand fire retardant is a patented formulation based on proprietary Osmose technology.  


Historically, fire retardants have depended upon phosphorus-based compounds to achieve fire performance properties. While the unique FirePRO® chemistry contains no phosphates, independent testing performed in accordance with industry standards has shown FirePRO® FRTW to exhibit exceptional fire performance properties without compromising other critical engineering properties such as strength, durability, corrosivity, and hygroscopicity. In fact, when compared to the untreated wood used in these tests, FirePRO® FRTW exhibited superior strength durability, low hygroscopicity, and resistance to fastener corrosion.


FirePRO® FRTW is available nationwide through a network of independently owned and operated wood treatment facilities licensed by Osmose. A 50-Year Limited Warranty against structural failure due to heat or humidity is available. See FirePRO® 50-year limited warranty for details.

FirePRO® brand fire retardant treated wood is typically specified for use in areas not exposed to the weather or wetting and where the adopted building code permits the use of wood or fire retardant treated wood.

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